Sock Progress

Louet Gems sport weight, two size 3 circulars, 48 stitches. Leg in Baby Cable rib from Sensational Knitted Socks. I tried knitting during Davidson losing in the last seconds, and couldn't decide whether to watch the action or my knitting. This was a lot of time invested for a very small return; I'm hoping that the rest of the sock goes faster and more pleasurably.

And me, knitting a shawl, fast. Amazing. I started on a Swallowtail yesterday, finally using the Handmaiden Lady Godiva that I splurged on several months ago. I managed 7 or 8 repeats of the first chart while listening to several audio discs of The Serpent on the Crown. This morning, I worked through about 3 more repeats. I'm wondering if I can use the structure of this shawl and plug in different patterns with the same number of stitches in a repeat, as a way to try designing a shawl. I'm much more visual and hands-on when I'm learning, and graphing and counting stitches on paper hasn't got me going yet.


Stacey said…
Joan would be the one to really answer that since she is the Godfather... I mean Godmother of lace. :D I don't see why it wouldn't work. The increases aren't done in the pattern. Hmmm. Now I'll have to play.
Anonymous said…
You can totally plug in other lace designs into the structure of that pattern! It's a pretty standard structure... so you'd be doing something that's not destined for insanity.
Go for it!