Minimalist Cardigan Do-over

I have finish-itis. I just want to see something done. I've put the single sock on hold and pulled the pieces of the Minimalist Cardigan out of the basket to see what kind of surgery needs to be undertaken.

Here's where I am: two fronts and a back that need to be ripped back to 13 1/2 inches and then continued with redoing the armholes and necklines. One unusable sleeve, completed, unless I decide to throw all details out the window and put a seed stitch (that's 2 knit stitches, 2 purl stitches) sleeve onto a moss stitch garment (1 knit alternating with 1 purl). I didn't notice as I was knitting it, and somehow it felt different, easier to work, but I didn't cotton on to the mistake until the sleeve was finished.

Theraputic ripping did take place. I planted one (stockinged) foot onto the sweater piece and wound the yarn as I watched a bit of a soap opera. Then I retreated to my bedroom to listen to something on my Ipod as I reworked the right front. About two hours later, I have an almost armhole. I probably need to show some restraint, as this is the project that led to too-weak-wrist-to-hold-coffeepot syndrome back during the winter.

Another do-over started last night. I've finally figured out that the Handmaiden Lady Godiva wants to be Ilga Leja's Antique Lace:
And not Swallowtail:
I'm surprised at how tightly I am knitting the Antique Lace. I swatched on a size 6, corresponded with the designer on Ravelry, and am now going with a size 5, sans swatching. And I'm trying to remind myself that I don't trust my gauge swatches or my sizing as much as I should, and that with both the cardigan and the Juliet sweater, I second-guessed myself and made them too big. Maybe I just need to get the word "process," or maybe "patience" stamped someplace visible for these recurring moments?