Progress on the Ribbed Sock

Chugging along on the sock: finished the decreases for the gusset while waiting for an appointment, and now I get to move to Stage 4 (1 being the leg, 2 being the heel flap, 3 being the heel turn, oops, 4 is the gusset, so I'm onto Stage 5): the foot.

This seems the most crucial of measurements; having put on a handknit sock, who wants cramped toes? And I get to move the stitches around the two circular needles again, which always feels like a landmark has been passed.

And is there a yarn conspiracy out there? Every day, another yarn sale beckoning from my email. Yesterday, a one-day 20% off Rowan yarn at the Village Sheep. And look at Joan's stash: how can I resist when I'm craving bags of yarn like this? And over at Webs, Queensland Rustic Wool, a superwash wool in variegated tones that looks an awful lot like a more pricey, hand-dyed sock yarn, but only $3 (edit here: wishful thinking, but still only $7 for 99 yards) or so for a skein. I might just have to give in and order some to test out. If you've tried this yarn, leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it, please.

Now: sitting down in the living room, drinking my tea with a shot of Scotch, watching junk TV until Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor: London Calling (the cheesiness of this name matches or even betters the cheesiness of this show) are on (see, there's a qualitative difference between Entertainment Tonight and The Bachelor) and hopefully decompressing from a long week at work.