The Queen of Blogs

Mason-Dixon Knitting. Because reading this made me feel much better. Coffee. Friends. Beautiful things to look at. Unsweetened whipped cream with coffee. Great food.

I know, I've already mentioned the coffee. But every morning, when I drink the formerly very good coffee that we make at home, I think of the latte at La Bonne Boulangerie in Port Jefferson, Long Island. (The pictures here can't match the experience of being in the shop. Every morning, as I was waiting for my coffee, there would be at least one or two people just gazing at the cases of baked goods, trying to make a decision. Think Tiffany's, but for deserts.) As good as Dunn Brothers in St. Paul. A perfect 5-minute walk from the motel. The perfect proportion of expresso to milk. Served very hot, even if you don't order it that way. And the most amazing pear tarts and chcolate tortes and wedding cakes and cupcakes.

Two fancy-schmancy coffee places, neither a Starbuck's, just opened down the street in the little town that I live in. Maybe tomorrow I'll haul myself out the door and try one of them, in search of a great cup of coffee.