Guess what this picture reminds me of?

Edit: a fourth prize will go to a commenter picked at random, and the contest ends Monday, June 16th.

Points awarded for accuracy (did you guess what I was thinking?) Additional points awarded for artistry in the presentation of your answer: I'm not averse to a little haiku, poetry, or visual aids.

One prize to the first, correct guesser; a second prize to the most creative/unusual mode of answering. Honorable mention to the person who suggests a project that I can make the yarn, which is Euroflax linen dyed and overdyed with Procion MX - about 500 yards worth - into; gauge is about 20 stitches to 4 inches in stockinette stitch. Prizes will be yarns that are worth working for: Misti Alpaca and Handmaiden and something else good.


Angie said…
I think it makes you think of the earth, the world, and how we are all held together and intertwined on this rotating ball of water. (And if my guess isn't right on, I have to say it is what I first thought of.)

I think a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl would be a nice project for the yarn.
Anonymous said…
Not sure what it reminds YOU of, but I see the earth -- floating in space.
Opportunity, possibility, floating in the abyss ... in the heart of nothing, .....

I'd do an undulating waves thing with it.
ikkinlala said…
A blueberry. A plump, juicy blueberry. Perfectly ripe. Summer in a berry.