Progress on the Mitered Square Blanket: Square #10

Halfway there, according to the pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting. (Will we need to start calling it Mason-Dixon La Premiere, or some such, when the new book comes out?) Needs a good steaming at the edges and to even out the seaming, but the colors make me happy.
The square that I'm knitting now is a bright red and a taupe. I'm going to contrast it with an orange and a more tobacco shade of brown. I've worked my way through most of the pastels, deep purples and bright greens in my bowl of Tahki Cotton Classic to the reds, oranges, some blues and lots of browns. I've been avoiding the oranges and yellows - such intense colors, and it's tough to find three other colors that work with orange and don't look like an ugly pair of soccer socks.

Yesterday morning I puttered around some resale shops, looking for a piece of used furniture to use as a display piece for retail at the yoga center. Something Anthropologie-ish. No luck at all: my favorite resale furniture place - an old barn crammed with this and that at cheap prices - has turned into a cutesy antiques mall. At the other places, nothing but very ugly wall units of shiny black formica or really heavy blond wood from the fifites, as though furniture from any other period is outlawed from entry or has been beamed up to other planets. If you know of a good place for used furniture in the Chicago area, please let me know.

At the Goodwill in Naperville - my last stop after a frustrating drive to a few other places that had nothing but bundt pans, glass vases from florist shops, and Naugahyde purses, I gave myself a budget of $10 to find something for myself. Score:
And within my budget: