Magic or Not

So, I was sitting in the dining room, finishing my lunch or working on something, and I heard this loud THUMP and then SLIDE on the front porch. And I'm not kidding: I knew that it was a box for me. So, I went outside, and there it was: a box for me. And I'm not kidding: I knew that it was from Joan, aka Fairy Godknitter. I picked up the box, took it inside, and there it was on the return address, just as I'd thought.

So, I went back to the den, where my husband was balancing checkbooks or some such kind of work that someone in the house needs to do and luckily he does it, and I said: before I open this, I want to tell you that there's going to be a shawl in this box, and it's going to be pinks and oranges with some touches of burgundy, and it's going to be lace. He looked at me with some bemusement, but was willing to go along for the ride.

So I took the box out to the kitchen, and I opened it. And I'm not kidding: it had this shawl inside. The one that I saw last night on Joan's blog, where she's making the Tweedy V-Neck Jacket from Fitted Knits. I have the book home from the library, and this is true: I was looking at that pattern the day before I saw it on her blog. But back to the shawl: Joan said that she was sending it off to a "recipient." And yes, I am not making this up. Even though it was a post from a few days ago, when I saw the shawl and the note last night at about 11, when I couldn't settle down to reading before bed, I thought to myself: I hope that shawl's for me. No reason to expect this. It's not my birthday or anything special, and even though I've been admiring the beautiful lace things that Joan's been knitting in a fiber with the best name ever - Dream in Color Baby - so much that I'd almost broken my yarn diet to either order the yarn or buy myself a CD on Vedic chanting - there was no logical reason in hell to think that I was the "recipient."

Here's a picture of all of the contents: The Shawl. A wonderful photograph of water and mist and rocks that Joan took near to the Falls. Have I mentioned that I love water: it is more relaxing and calming than almost anything in life. Or that part of my yoga practice is a chant called Mantra Puspam, which talks about how everything is water: the clouds are water, flowers are water, the trees are water, we are water. It's really a chant about how we are all the same, that there is a connection and relationship between every living thing, and when we know that, we know ourselves more completely.
And a skein of Colinette Jitterbug. Now I can make a pair of socks for myself. And in something other than blue or black or brown. Yeah for color!
Another picture of the shawl. But you really need to visit it over at Joan's blog. Much more beautiful pictures, and she's a good person to get to know. I'm hoping that someday we'll be able to meet for coffee.


Cindy said…
You got a Joan original? It's stunning and I loved it when I saw it on her blog.