Progress on the Jitterbug

Baby Cable Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks and the wonderful Colinette Jitterbug yarn from Joan.

I tried to be decisive and stick with the pattern that comes with the skein of yarn, but then bailed on Thursday night at anatomy class (we stood on a block and dangled one leg for 2 minutes, then walked on a very spongy foot after our psoas muscle released, then did the other leg so that we didn't limp out of class) and ripped back to the beginning.

Friday morning I woke up super early, started the sock again, and this is where I am after knitting Friday morning before breakfast; on the train and the El to the Cubs game (3-2 the Marlins, but a great time was had by all, and do not go looking for anything healthy at the ball game because it's all about the carbs - we ate peanuts in the shell and then nachos with cheese and then the man next to us, who had given us a paper bracelet that meant Free Food from all Vendors, passed me a Dove bar, and as I was standing in the crowd and the heat, waiting to get into the El station, I pretended I was in India) and back; last night during an episode of The Wire (I keep thinking: I know that actor from All My Children, and it makes the low-income scenes seem so much less real), and today on the way and back from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (bad skull design, good action sequences, but Indiana Jones and aliens, and that kiss at the end?).

A better shot of the color. In the background, a yoga practice written out. Part of the practice is chanting a great mantra called Ayurmantrah. It's a chant for support and nourishment of the breath and body and life and family, and each line begins with an OM, which is a very good sound to have resonating in you.
And a picture of the yoga studio before class this morning.