Ravelry Question

I can't get the hang of Ravelry. Is there a place that shows gauge for people's completed projects?

And today, in anatomy class, we saw a video of the spinal cord. It looks like an Alaskan King crab leg, if you were wondering. And the spine: it's covered with layers of protective stuff that looks like saran wrap and bubble wrap, secured with layers of Scotch tape. Pretty cool. And did you know that we have connective tissue - called fascia - that wraps around all of our bones and joints and organs, kind of like a giant rubber glove?

I also liked the part when the teacher had us all walk in a big circle: first with our knees bent, then on our heels, then on our tippy-toes, then on the inside of the foot, then the outside, to show us how much we rely on our typical anatomy to stay upright and walk comfortably. We looked like extras from Planet of the Apes.