Joan's Favorite Toe

No, not an actual toe. The better toe for a handknitted sock for someone, like me, who has square toes. Literally. My sister and my best friend still derive enjoyment from pointing this out. We all need some entertainment, I guess.

The toes of my Jitterbug socks are all about process. I knit and reknit them several times until I turned to the trusty Internet and found a different option than the usual decrease on one row, knit one row plain, version. With that method, you get a fairly pointy toe which narrows quickly. I worked that one once. Then reworked it after adding some length to the patterned foot section. Still too claustrophobic for my feet.

With the Joan's Favorite Toe, you end up with a wider, blunter end to the sock. It narrows gradually until you Kitchener stitch the last 16 stitches on your needles.

Look here for Joan's toe. There are some other choices for those of you who do not have square toes or hobbit-like feet.

Tomorrow I teach in the morning, then meet with my mentor who's in Chicago for the weekend, then go to her workshop at the yoga studio, then possibly have some folks over for dinner or manage to squeeze in a few more minutes with my teacher, then teach Sunday morning, then meet with my teacher, then drive her to the airport - with the last chance to squeeze a bit more work in.