If only, or Halloween Knitting

If only I had more time or could knit faster. I love that these patterns are the flipside of yesterday's domesticity (plus some other seasonal suggestions):
  1. Hello Yarn's Skull Gansey.
  2. Jackyll and Hyde, knit here by Hello Yarn, but here for the original pattern on Knitty. Exceedingly strange. (This weekend we went to see The Nightmare before Christmas at the local, vintage movie theater in 3-D. Fantastically odd, and Danny Elfman does the singing for Jack. Take only children who you have sufficiently developed into a sense of the absurd.)
  3. Carve a white pumpkin. You can find them in my area at the Farm on 63rd St. in Darien. Plus strange grey-green pumpkins, a flat washed-out orange pumpkin from New Zealand, and lots of little pumpkins, gourds, onions for winter, all sorts of squash, beets, and honey. Prices are great and you feel lile you've had a tiny taste of Martha Stewart mixed with the Midwest.
  4. And this. Very scary and very clever at the same time. If you dress your dog up like this for Halloween, please send me a picture. Isn't the image seared into your brain now? I'm imagining Parker with three heads, all of which want to graze on my napkin or pretend not to be making eye contact when given an order, all at the same time. No, too scary.

In actual knitting, I'm trying to push through the last few rows of the Rainbow Shawl so that I can block and send it off; finishing a winter hat for my teacher's son, so that when I send off the sweater for the new baby, I can also send something for each of the boys (at this point, we all need to say "poo poo," turn your head to the left and pretend to flick something off your shoulder - this is what my Jewish grandmother would do to keep away bad spirits, and in most Jewish traditions, you don't even think about giving something for the baby until after he or she is born - and this baby sweater does not go into the mail until baby is safely delivered, so I don't want to take any chances here by mentioning it); and trying to resist all the great deals at Little Knits for Noro and Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK.