Rotary Club

How many times in life do you get to say this: my husband is giving a talk on American presidential elections at a Rotary club in Chennai tonight.

Not sure if I've mentioned this, already. He went to a meeting two weeks ago, where the evening's speech was on a topic directly in line with his professional work. What are the chances? Now, I asked him, are you ready to admit that maybe there is some sort of crazy plan at work and that everything isn't about coincedences? Anyway, in the way of all smart administrators, the person who organizes the entertainment/speech givers invited him to talk about a topic that confuses everyone in the world: how the heck does the Electoral College and popular vote work when we elect a President?

In reading the speech over, I learned (or relearned - this is like Algebra for me - no matter how many times I study it, it never sticks) a few new facts. Still not feeling completely up to snuff. So frustrating to be under the weather my last week in India, with so much to do. But I hate to miss this event - should be interesting.