My dog is on a play date with the American Bulldog across the street.

It's a pretty even match, though Parker was doing some interesting wrestling moves when they played yesterday, involving reaching his head under the other dog's belly to grab his back leg in his (Parker's) mouth. Much gnashing of teeth and growling and tossing one another over sideways. They went outside for a while, got cold and came in, went out again, came in. Are dogs any different than your average little boy?

I'm working on putting together a website and finding a space to occasionally rent for yoga therapy sessions. I'm looking for space in an existing practice, medical or yoga or some sort of healing venture, or in a public building, a church or temple, that would feel welcoming. I don't need much space: just enough for a small table, two chairs, a yoga mat, and a ceiling high enough that taller students will be able to bring their hands over their heads without grazing a knuckle.