Progress on Vivian

Making slow, judicious progress on Vivian.
I'm using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a pumpkin color. And I have written in my knitting notebook: "Decision #1: make the sleeve size from the size 34 pattern" to remind myself that the goal is to go forward, produce more knitted fabric, rip less, and most important, be decisive.
At first look, this sweater seems to be very tricky. Not so far. Many rows repeat the pattern from the row below. You need to stay on the lookout for when it's time to twist the cable, but otherwise, it's very consistent in when to seed stitch, when to purl, and when to knit.
Below, a closeup of the fabric:
Satisfyingly spongy, thick and soft at the same time so that it should be warm like a bulky sweater but less claustrophobic (I find that I only wear the bulky sweaters when it is below zero or I know that I'll be outside for a hike). And a magnet for dog hair. Maybe it's the microfiber in the blend (wool, a little cashmere, and some acrylic) but I'm finding much fur migrating into the cuff as well as the ball of yarn. I did have the ball of yarn on the floor beside my chair. I'm not sure where this habit came from, but it is standard for me. I'm now keeping the yarn on the table or in the knitting bag.
And a swatch for the Sunny Flower Fez , designed by Kristin Nicholas, in folkStyle. Malabrigo worsted in Cadmium. In person, a beautiful mix of soft yellows, marigold oranges, and colors in between. See, I'm swatching again. This may turn into a routine. Hopes are to knit the hat up by Sunday for a birthday present.


joan said…
I love that sweater, in that color, for you. Cables are a perfect winter knit.
I'll send you a long catch up email soon.