When did Tamil appear in Blogger?

இண்டேறேச்டிங். (Edit number two: what looks like odd marks on your computer, if it does not have Tamil translation, is Tamil script on mine. Thanks, Rose, I would not have known.) English translation: interesting... (Edit number one: nope, not actually translation. Transliteration. I've posted a question on Blogger Help Group asking if my computer somehow recognized that I had been in India and added the feature. Even though the computer that I posted this entry from is not the laptop that I took to India. Curioser and curioser.)

I now have an option in my blog for (translation) transliteration into Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayam, and Telagu - five different languages from different states in India. Does anyone else have this?

Unfortunately, there is no Tamil equivalent for Arrrrggghhh, which is how I feel right now.

Let's see if fairy godmother (translates) transliterates: பைரி கோட்மொதேர். Hmm, I hope it has the same connotation, because truly, I am wishing for someone to come down, wave a magic wand, and produce a yoga therapy practice for me. (Ain't gonna happen. ஐந்த்' கொன்ன ஹப்பேன்.) Instead, today's goal is to put together a ten-minute presentation on yoga therapy and its benefits.


Rose said…
Happy new year! I came for the knitting content probably by way of Ravelry (not sure), but I enjoy your yoga and life talk too.

Alas, what I see are a lot of question marks. Blogger may be able to translate, but if your readers don't have that Tamil character set, they won't be able to see the translated text, just those question marks.
Rose said…
Oops, that last line should read:

they won't be able to see the untranslated characters, just those question marks.