No wonder I'm tired

This is some of what I've done this week (and if that sentence isn't grammatical and you're wondering how someone with a Ph.D. in English could have written it, well, please review the title for this post. Thank you.)
  • put together a brochure on yoga therapy for a friend to have available at a conference on stress and losing your job (I was going to describe it as "the current economic situation," but either imminent job loss or you invested with Bernie Madoff may sum up the sad situation we're in)
  • chose a name for my yoga therapy practice
  • bought a domain name. I went to GoDaddy (where do these names come from?), and let me warn you, if you are planning to purchase a name for your website, be prepared to go through seven or eight hundred screens, crammed with more Web products that they want to sell to you, before you reach the promised land of this-is-all-that-I-need-today. And the site? So busy that it made my teeth hurt.
  • Not really my teeth, but my eyes. Specifically, my left eye. A few weeks ago, I had that experience that comes very rarely: the feeling that there was a bug or a black fleck of wool floating just beyond my peripheral vision. The one time in my life that I've had a migraine, this is how it started. I'd turn to look. Nope, nothing there. Yesterday, more little black specks, now moving occasionally in front of my eyes as well as off to the left, again. I'd turn to catch a glimpse, and like Tinkerbell, the speck would disappear just to the edge of my field of vision. One friend suggested that it could be a detached retina, which comes with age, but I'm going with too much time spent staring at the computer mixed with a dose of stress. I'll let the eye doctor make the call in a week or so.
  • finished Hat #5, the ever classic International Seafarers Ministry watch cap in Jo Sharp DK Wool for my older daughter. (Hats 1-2 were lost; hats 3-4 were knit of washable wool as I thought 1-2 had been felted AND were Turn a Squares - natty but not enough cap to pull down over the eyes during windy, cold New England winters); realized, on Try the Second of the Habitat pattern that it is not a good idea to size a pattern down the second time that you make it (first try I decreased the number of stitches and worked on a smaller needle - this time, I stuck with the decreased stitches but went up to a size 7 needle). I can ease the hat onto my head, but I have a very small head. (No jokes, now, please.) With all the cabling going this way and that, I can't bear the thought of ripping it out and starting again, so it will sit about four rows from being finished until I can marshal the courage to plow through or to start over. Be warned: this is a beautiful pattern, but is not good TV knitting.
  • also, I took a page from Kelly Petkun of KnitPicks, who seems to be the most organized knitter on the earth. (I love her podcasts, especially hearing about her love for process and planning. It's good to meet your opposite.) No Excel spreadsheets for me, but I did take time to chart out the multi-step directions for the body of the Vivian sweater, match up sections by stitch counts, cut out charts and tape them to a single page so that all directions are on one piece of paper, color-coded the various charts (there are 6 different charts, plus various combinations of K this and P that and seed stitch whatever is left over). Then I made two color copies, so that all this work will be preserved when I misplace the working copy that I keep with my knitting.
  • taught seven group yoga classes, three yoga therapy sessions, made a call to market my services at a rehab center nearby, met with a doctor to look at space in her office to use for yoga therapy, worked a tiny bit on my tiny mitten for Latvian mitten class, read some, met a friend for coffee, had a potluck lunch with some other friends, typed up meditation notes some, and watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.
  • phew. It's time for a nap.

PS I wish that I could provide you with sage, meaningful yoga posts, but it's not in the cards right now. Promise to return soon with more thoughts on the Yoga Sutras and such.


dorothee said…
Hi there,

I'm reading your blog every now and then, and I just saw what you wrote about your eye. I have an eye disease called "uveitis" where there are dark spots in my field of vision. I'm absolutely aware that what you have described may be something totally harmless, but just in case it isn't, please go see your eye doctor asap.

I don't mean to panic you, it's just when I read something like your post then my alarm clock goes off. I really hope for you that it's nothing serious!