Random things of Goodness

  • Project Runway Season Four, finally out on Netflix.
  • Tapas, sherry, dinner with a friend.
  • the International Seafarers' Ministry Knit Cap #2: idiot proof, instant gratification knitting. A Hat a Day.
  • My own little space for seeing students. A friend tells me that the proportions (8 x 10) are exactly in line with spatial synchronicity (well, not that, but something that sounded like that) according to vastu principles (an Indian version of feng shui that may predate feng shui.)
  • Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibbotson. Coraline by Neil Gaiman. (And yes, the feminist in me resists the addition of the boy character, but at least they made him quirky and misshapen (what's with the angle of his huge head?) and unloved (his name, Wybie, comes from the question Why be born?) and silenced, on Coraline's orders, in the other world? Anyway, how can you not love a movie that has an old lady with pasties and a wise cat and a tough little girl and an actual, tiny, hand knitted sweater (the one with the stars is the work of Althea Crome, an artist who creates miniature hand knits as art - go to Evil Buttons to see a video and lots of Coraline tchotchkes) and a house called the Pink Palace, which has to be based on The Pink Motel by Carol Ryrie Brink - another warped, magical children's book and I mean that in a good way -- even if they wimped out and added the boy?
  • Lithuanian beer.