Finally, a Hat for Linda

Pattern: Trym
Size: Women's
Designer: Elsebeth Lavold
Yarn: EL Silky Wool, color 56 (between a red and a garnet color), 2 skeins (196 yds. per skein)
Amount of yarn used: 1 1/2 skeins
Needles: size 4 Addi Turbo circular, 24"

Finally, I've completed a hat for Linda, my study partner. Hope that she likes it. This is a fine pattern, especially for those of us with short hair, who are often hat-challenged. Trym has a good, deep cuff made of two layers of knit fabric - one, the pattern side, the other, a stockinette lining akin to the inner part of a Latvian mitten. The doubled cuff not only keeps your ears warm; it creates an artificial line of focus at the crown of the head, so that where someone like me, with short hair, might look like a bean inside of a sock, this hat suggests: no, there is a wide brow, a forehead, a lovely shape of head inside the hat.

I followed the letter of the law and worked the hat per the pattern, which meant working it flat and doing lots of seaming to complete it. The next time, I would try to work it in the round, with modifications as needed - particularly in the shift from having the smooth side of the stockinette section inside for 4 inches, then switching to the outside to compete the crown of the hat. And though I love the Silky Wool, especially with the two layers creating a bit more substance, I might like to try Trym in a DK or worsted weight that has a bit more heft to it. As knitted, the hat is a wee bit of a light weight: good for a cold spring day, but not enough to weather the frigid winds of Chicago in February.

Overall, the book is a pleasant collection of little things to knit: an ear-flap hat, a cloche, Ipod cases, a few shawls, matching gloves and mittens and elbow-length opera-style gloves for a bride, and a crazy teapot cozy.