Painting Project

H's room, in transition. (Thanks for the go-ahead.) A swatch of Honeywheat paint from Benjamin Moore, a now-white ceiling, and a glimpse of your lilac walls.

The room has northern exposure. And it looks directly out at the neighbor's grey siding and empty windows.
My initial plan was to paint the walls something warm. I've swatched two different shades of apricot-ish orange, but I'm not loving either. Meditation brought a thought that maybe I should stop fighting the nature of the room, which is to feel cool and dark, and instead try supporting those qualities with a rich, dark grey or brown. Or shale, the trademark color of my old employer: a brown with warm undertones of rose and pink. Or something Oriental: green walls in Faded Silk from Ralph Lauren paints, dark green enamel trim on the windows, and an Oriental-style carpet?