Sailor's Rib Socks

Behold, a paire of sockes.

These are the Sailor's Rib Socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks. Knit in Colinette Jitterbug in a color called Velvet Leaf. (My father asked if I was knitting for the Israeli Army, which I well could have been, but was not.) The yarn shop in Florida had six skeins of this color, three neon yellow, and one neon purple. I was in a green mood, happy to see that trees actually still have leaves and grass grows beyond the weather-zone of a Chicago winter.

And these rate as my happiest knit of socks so far. I worked them on a size 1 32" Addi Turbo circular, which, once the cord softened up a bit, were easy to navigate with the Magic Loop method. And though I think that the next pair will have the pattern continue down the instep )for prettiness' sake), there is virtue to stopping the pattern at the ankle and working the rest of the sock in stockinette. (Moment of sidebar: gee, is that where the stitch got its name - from ye old stockinette socks?) The virtue is speed and ease of knitting. All that you need to keep track of is how much further to knit until it's time to start your decreases for the toe.

And a note to frugal knitters. I knit my sock on 48 stitches, followed the schematics for a size 7 1/2 woman's sock, and had enough yarn left that I could have eked out another inch or two for each leg portion of the sock. (But don't buy Colinette in a resort area in Florida. The shop charged a heart $6 more than my local yarn shop, and this is not inexpensive yarn, to start with.)