This Year in the White House

Not sure if this is bending the Passover rules, but here is my batch of homemade matzo, from Lauren Groveman's recipe in Baking with Julia.
For about six small matzos, you'll need two cups of flour, three-quarters cup of warm water, a teaspoon of kosher salt. Mix, knead for about three minutes. Divide into 6 portions. Roll out very thin. Prick the dough with a fork, sprinkle on some more salt. Bake in a very, very hot oven (550 degrees if possible, and I am now holding a bag of frozen peas against my left knuckles after brushing my hand against the oven, even though I was warned by the recipe, so be careful) for exactly 1 minute per side.
Happy springtime holiday to all, whatever your practice. (And the post title? Because there was what may be the first Seder held at the White House, last night. Last year, at a seder, President Obama said "Next year in the White House," playing off the "next year in Jerusalem" that is traditional to say. And he kept the promise. I feel very proud to have voted for this man.)