Work in Progress

The Simple Knitted Bodice. Using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that I'd started Vivian with, but abandoned when my gauge was dead on but the sweater was so large that I could warp it around me another half turn.

This seems to be working better. I'm wondering if the microfiber in the yarn was not suited to the design of Vivian, which is beautiful, but has tons of seed stitch and cables and twists. Maybe the weight of the knitting was pulling on the yarn enough to cause it to stretch when worn - an effect that seems less likely with the heavier woolen yarns that most knitters on Ravelry are using. I reswatched with some Cascade Eco and like the effect, so someday I'll go back to the pattern.

And here's work in progress on H's bedroom. Ruskin Room Green on the walls and Dard Huner Green on the baseboard. Both from Sherwin-Williams' collection of Arts and Crafts colors. How can you not love a paint company that names its products after an English aesthete and an artist known for his handmade paper?
A view of the upheaval, with cat in window. At least I hadn't painted the trim that she is sitting on. How do cats know the least convenient place to light on?
The before view, with a swatch of Benjamin Moore Honeywheat. I kept thinking that the room would be yellow or orange, but finally decided to try something completely different and went with these deep, bungalow-style colors. I surprised myself when I was walking out of the room and saw the dark green trim around the door for the first time.
And my toes, also newly painted. A student of mine took me out today for a pedicure and lunch. We ate in a beautiful room with a fireplace and a lovely floor that was apricot, green, and tan - almost like the bedroom that I'm painting.


hwbowen said…
Room looks good!