Spidery Beginning

The beginning of the Spidery Tank from Interweave Knits Summer 2009.
Working on a size 34 in Maggi's Linen, a cotton-linen blend made up of three individual strands. As always, I knit so loosely that I'm using a size 5 needle for the ribbing and then going up to a size 7 for the lace. The pattern specifies working the lace with all purl stitches and notes that the stockinette part will be reverse stockinette. Is there any reason that I can't convert the lace chart to knit stitches, work the reverse stockinette as regular old plain stockinette, and then turn the whole thing inside out? I've emailed two knitters at Ravelry who've made the top, so I'm hoping for some guidance by the time that I've finished the ribbing.

And today I relearned Rule Number One of Replacing Your Driver's License: when you have knitting with you that you want to work on, there will be little to no wait. I was in and out of the Secretary of State place in ten minutes, and that's counting the seven times (I am not kidding, and H., I guess we now know where you get it from) that the photo guy retook the picture because I had blinked. Must be the new administration: the last time that I had a driver's license photo taken, I am sure that they took the picture, purposely, when you were not ready.

Still, they have the signs warning against cussing and swearing (and I am quoting) posted everywhere you look, with dire warnings that such behavior may call for ejection from the premises. And you could come up with seventeen plots for a novel just by sitting a few minutes in the molded plastic chairs from the 60s, waiting for your turn. My favorite was the quavery-voiced little old lady who came in to report that her friend had borrowed her driver's permit after she, the little old lady, had failed her driver's test, and she and the government employee had a long conversation in which they each repeated themselves several times... "and she stilll has my perrmitt" and then, "but you just need to ask for it back, it's your permit." The upshot was that the government employee assured the little old lady that all she needed to drive, even if she'd failed the test, was the permit...and I thought, oh, I hope there will be a large banner on her car that states "Driven by Someone who has Failed her Driving Test."