A Workhorse of a Sweater

The sweater that I am knitting is many things. Solid. Dependable. In the lineage of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Both the pattern -- Moriah's Wildflower Cardigan from Green Mountain Spinnery -- and the yarn -- Cascade Eco Wool -- are reassuring. They speak to the things knitting is about: creating beauty from nature as well as providing a way to make beauty a vital yet practical part of our every day.

And my knitting is a new adventure as well. I'm taking on the steek. And buttonholes. Here's a closeup:
I'm knitting the size 38, which should be comfy; I'm imagining the go-to sweater for when winter returns to Chicago. Round and round I go, row by row, in a pattern that has just enough intricacy (a wildflower row every fourth row, all else is stockinette) to keep my mind engaged at the same time as it becomes quiet. Below, a better view of the wildflower detail. It's a purl 3 together, yarnover, purl the three together again, and then knit for five stitches.
And lastly, the skein of yarn alongside the knitting. Solid, again. Very, very affordable. As straight from the sheep as I've knitted with, not being a spinner, and the feel and soft gray color also make me happy. Rewound so well by someone at my yarn shop that I can pull straight from the center of the cone and know that the strand will come out easily, without snarls or knots, just spooling out at the tension that I need. Another tiny detail that is reminding me that it is the very little details that accrue into this thing that we call life.