Still Here

Gave my husband one and a quarter gloves today for his birthday. When he next goes fishing in Canada, he'll have a pair of handmade ragg wool gloves (Shepherd's Own, from sheep in Turkey - suitably scratchy and blended from different colored light and dark fleeces) to wear as he baits hooks and catches and releases, and all that fishing stuff that I can appreciate from afar. Very afar. (Note added after publishing this post: Yikes. Apparently Google gloms so quickly onto a tag that when I posted this entry, including the word "fishing," it immediately gave me an ad from Cabela's. Very scary.)

One and a quarter because I have been - yeah!!! - very busy the last week with yoga work. I considered the Purloined Letter approach of knitting the gloves in full view of him, with the theory that in being so blatant and hiding them in full sight, that he would not catch on. But then I reconsidered and kept the knitting hidden in my closet, taking it out only when he was at work and I had a few minutes. Thus, one glove completed - it fits! yeah again - and the ribbing on the second glove finished.

And the Fiddlehead mittens blocked - they grew a size and then shrank down a bit, but are far larger than before blocking - and waiting for the next step of working the lining. And Vivian. Slogging away. Now on row 140 with about 20 rows to go, and then the hood. Pictures tomorrow, perhaps.