Napkins. Finally.

The napkins that I promised to weave for my daughter are done. Finally.
Pattern: Plain Weave
Warp and Weft: 10/2 pearl cotton in peacock blue and light blue
EPI (ends per inch): 24
PPI (picks per inch) : 20-22
Width in reed: 22"
Number of warp ends: 180
Warp length: 175"
Number of napkins: 4 plus a littler one, plus the Summer-and-Winter cloth from the beginning of the warp/project
Shrinkage: 15% in width and length after machine washing, cool, gentle cycle; tumble dry low
Before finishing, the pearl cotton - which has been mercerized for strength and sheen - feels slippery and very unabsorbent. After finishing, which is even more important in weaving than in knitting, the shine dulled and the fabric took on a slightly rough texture, just right for the purpose. And this weight - 24 EPI and weft beaten fairly firmly after each shot - feels just right for a large cloth napkin, which is what we use instead of paper.


CoP Health said…
Lovely. Fabulous color too. You go weaver girl!