Baby Cable socks of Louet Gems, fingering weight. Enough, just, for a pair using one skein.
I enjoy the process of knitting socks (this is itself is cause for fireworks, because I've never before noticed that I am becoming a process versus product knitter), but have not yet found a yarn or pattern that measures up to SmartWool socks, which are the ne plus ultra, the Platonic Ideal, of sockdom.
Also working on playing with dyeing of yarn. Yesterday I tested over-dyeing some Cascade 220 by kettle-dyeing and low-water immersion dyeing, based on the best dyeing book I've seen - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Hand-dyeing. Everything is in this book - when to add or not add acid to the pre-soak, how much dye to mix to get various strengths of solution, how to do everything from meticulously-recorded dye processes to free-form dyeing - you, the yarn, and a spray bottle of dye. Lots of really clear photos (I'm new to this series) accompanied by straightforward prose and directions. I highly recommend the book, which I'm disciplining myself to read from cover to cover instead of wildly flipping through for the technique that I think I want.