Summer-and-Winter Cloth

Pattern: Johann D, Variation III
Source: Davison, Handweaver's Pattern Book
Warp: 10/2 pearl cotton in peacock blue and light blue
Weft: 10/2 pearl cotton in both colors, 8/2 unmercerized cotton in natural
EPI: 24
Shrinkage: 15% in width and length after machine washing, gentle cycle, cool temp; tumble dry low

The first part of the warp used to make napkins. I'm glad that I only wove up a small section of the warp in this pattern. The cloth is lovely to look at - with the characteristic reversals of color and the even geometry of Summer-and-Winter patterning. But it is a bit heavy for a napkin - closer to the weight of a table runner. (This seems to be a trend lately for me.)

Next up is Trial #2 in devising a way to weave felted cloth for a yoga bag like this one from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. And trying to devise a way to keep supply costs low and, at the same time, figure out the trick to dyeing yarn so that it has the beautifully gentle shifts of color of Malabrigo. If you know any tricks for kettle-dyeing or for weaving cloth that has the spongy feeling and thickness of knitted felt, please pass them along by leaving a comment or emailing me on Ravelry (my username is jbwb)!