If anyone knows of a good use of 6 to 8 minutes in between activities, please let me know.

Being someone who prefers loooong stretches of time spent doing one thing (generally quiet, involving reading, knitting, or watching Project Runway), I am feeling a bit nutty with all of these tiny amounts of time in between teaching, returning phone calls, driving to introduce myself to other complementary medical practitioners in the western suburbs, driving to an appointment early enough to not run late but not so dang early that I have more than 20 minutes to kill.

The poster child for my state of mind is my loom. (I know, back then it was the loom that signified focus and the knitting that reminded me of how agitated I could be feeling. Parinama...change...I have no other defense.) Constant motion of throwing the shuttle back and forth, pressing down on peddles to raise and lower harnesses and threads, frequently advancing the warp and then tightening it up again and then advancing it and then tightening it. And every time that I sit down for a nice, long bout of weaving, I am close to running out of filled bobbins of weft thread and weave along, anticipating at any moment that I'll have to put the whole venture on hold while I use my hand-winder to fill some more bobbins.

Constant motion with no conclusion in sight. Thank goodness for chamomile tea and the occasional gorgeous fall weather, like yesterday, when I just sat out in the backyard and read A Letter of Mary for three hours. There is nothing like a smart, female narrator in a strongly-written mystery, with Sherlock Holmes as sidekick-husband to the main character, Mary Russell.