Parker, sitting in the same place for hours yesterday, looking at more raining coming down.
I eventually tried to entice him down to the yard by walking down the stairs and tossing a tennis ball for a game of fetch. He dashed off, grabbed the ball up, and ran right back up the steps to the porch. Ah well, I tried. (Later on I did take him for a longish walk in the rain.)
A skein of Misti Alpaca handpainted sock yarn. I like that you can see the little, fuzzy alpaca hairs sticking out of the skein. In real life, the yarn is more blue-green and less pumpkin-yellow.
I learned a lesson with this one: read the care instructions before purchase. I can't see myself handwashing socks, so this will either be a scarf or be an exchange for some Noro for the Brooklyn Tweed striped Noro scarf.
And my current bugaboo: a very simple cardigan, based on the Set-in Sleeve Cardigan from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitted Sweater Patterns. Still like the yarn: Cascade 220. Still like the color: a cordovan brown with touches of maroon and olive green. Still like the edging: black Cascade.
But somehow, even with this direct and clear a pattern, I've made mistakes. Yesterday, after realizing that the sleeve was too long and too wide, and when I should have put it away until I had a clearer mind, I accidentally ripped back the right front, thinking that it was the sleeve.
That was actually dilemma #1: how in heck can the sleeve be bigger than the front of the sweater? (This is the sleeve, by the way. You could fit two small children inside.)
I managed to find my way back to where I stopped and worked my way back up the right front while watching The Office. Then I compared the fronts to the pattern, and I think that I neglected to do about three more inches and some neckline decreases after finishing the armholes.

How can it be so hard for me to knit one, darn, simple sweater? Arggghhhh. I put it away for the night (okay, after googling how to knit two sleeves at the same time...and peeking at Ravelry, because if you're not knitting, you might as well be thinking or reading about knitting) and will look at pattern and sweater again today.