Home Again

Home again after a few days in Pittsburgh.

I took along this scarf to work on. A skein or two of discontinued Noro color 47: manly shades of blacks, browns and greys. Mixed in with a new skein and an old one of blues and greens. I'm using a size 6 needle and the fabric feels a little floppy, but I think that it will be just drapey enough and right for a man's scarf. (I also took along yarn for a Turn a Square hat and Blue Sky Alpaca for a Shibori Felted Scarf. I used to have Shoe Anxiety when I packed to go away. Now I have Knitting Anxiety.)

Over the last three days, I spent most of my waking hours talking, eating, driving to the next place to eat, driving home from eating, and then a tiny bit of walking home from this restaurant or that. Yum. Very fun, and I spent some time with two old friends and taught yoga to a group of my sister's friends who were eager and fun and funny.

Little knitting got done. And somehow, on the way home, in a closed car, I managed to lose my knitting needle for five minutes. Finally found it under the passenger seat, and then managed to make a mistake in this idiot-proof pattern of two rows of one color, two rows of the other. Time to eat lunch and then take a nap!