Work in Progress: Mitered Blanket Squares

I laid out all the squares done so far to get a sense of the size and the colors.
Almost twin-bed size, and I'm working toward a double-bed sized blanket. I haven't worked on this in several months, but winter is setting in to Chicago and I find myself craving color.
Seeing the squares together, after looking at Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun, let me notice that the pastels do not work. The earliest squares were those toward the footboard-side of the bed: pale pink, pinky-browns, Easter egg shades of yellow and lilac and green. The bible on this project - Mason-Dixon Knitting - warned me that a combination of dull and juicy colors seems to work best. I think, at the beginning, I was tentative about colors, and so was attracted to the lighter and more pastel shades.
I've laid those colors of yarn aside. The current plan is to work more squares in warm tones - oranges, bright yellows, chocolate browns, maroons - and more squares in cool shades - purples, acid greens, blues. And to put it together so that my favorite squares - the purples and greens - are at the center, and then the quilt evolves in opposite directions toward warm and cool colors.
At the moment, I'm knitting a square of yellow, orange, brown, and possibly dark green. The last color is a cooler shade, but it reminds me of pumpkins and Halloween.