Color Study 2

A look at some local sources for inspiration for color combinations in my weaving.

This is one of my favorite bracelets: lots of color, turquoise, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, mabe pearls, moonstone, amethyst. All in cabochon cuts so that it looks crafted instead of designed, old-fashioned rather than modern. I found it at a Tibetan shop next to a restaurant in Minneapolis. We were waiting for a table and went next door to shop. Behind the shop was the family's living room, where kids were watching TV, and then, somewhere, a connection through to the restaurant kitchen. Sadly, the shop is now gone. But I love the color and heavy silver of the piece. What about a scarf or shawl that combined those colors?

Below, my other most favorite bracelet. From a shop in Chennai. Again, a variety of stones and colors: rubies or garnets, amethysts, maybe citrine, something else that looks like yellow diamonds but isn't, and a lighter shade of amethyst. This one has a regularity about it, a more organized repetition of colors. You can see, slightly in the picture below, how it moves from maroon to chartreuse to dark purple to yellow back to maroon. The final choice of colors will be used for a scarf of Bambu 7.