We're planning to cook our way through Martha Stewart's Cupcakes.

No pictures yet, but the Coconut Cupcakes are baked and waiting for frosting. They have been barricaded by a Dutch oven on one side and a tea kettle on the other, as defense battlements against the dog, who helped himself to some pumpkin pie off the counter at Thanksgiving. (This is such a habit amongst Labs that there's even a term for it: counter-surfing.)

We've halved the recipe so that we can quickly work through those (someone has already analyzed that we get 3 cupcakes a piece). We will then move onto the Ginger and Molasses Cupcakes, which contain 9 ounces of fresh ginger in the full recipe.


Anonymous said…
Save some for me!

JANET said…
oops, down to 1. Maybe we'll try the tiny Boston Cream Pie cupcakes for your return...