Some More Color

Remember the hand painted 8/2 cotton warp on my loom a few weeks ago?
The fabric. Unintentional seersucker, perhaps the result of an unmercerized cotton warp and a mercerized cotton weft (which shrinks less when finished in the washing machine and dryer.) Below, the sampling, which included some twill sections in a 10/2 cotton and some plain weave with an 8/2 cotton weft. Colors are accurate in this photo:
And the finished fabric, showing the hills and valleys of the surface of the cloth.
I learned several things with this project. One is to work with narrower widths of warp chains when I do the warp painting. Then, when threading, I'll alternate the hand-dyed sections with narrow sections of a more solid color. In this trial, I did three wide warp chains, and there is a bit too much contrast between each section. Also, I'll try to be more consistent with the dyeing, so that the finished project has some symmetry within the gradual color changes that are an effect of weaving a hand-dyed warp.
Haven't decided what to do with the cloth, yet. The crochet thread warp makes it too harsh for pillowcases, not quite thick enough for kitchen towels. I'm going to let it sit for a while and ponder.