Weaving Inspirations: Syne Mitchell, WeaveZine, and Sara Lamb

Look here, on WeaveZine, for a great tutorial on using handpainted yarn to create the look of a hand-dyed warp.

Even if you're not a weaver, WeaveZine is worth looking at (and listening to the podcast.) This is a wonderful product and a great model for an online fiber art magazine and community. Articulate, smart, practical.

And look here, at Sara Lamb's work, for the effect in hand-dyed woven fabric that I am craving. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the gorgeous kimono fabrics and shawls. Vibrant colors...much closer to what I meant to do with my handpainted warp. I'm thinking that I need to try the next warp with no fear in my heart in applying deep, bright colors. (Thanks again to Syne Mitchell and WeaveZine for pointing Sara's work out to me.)