One Look at the HGA COE

An inspiring look at Vila Cox's beautful samples toward the Handweavers' Guild of America Certificate of Excellence.

And her equally beautiful shop of handwovens.

I am stumbling slowly toward considering putting together an application. Very, very slowly. I recently joined a weavers' guild (my daughters find this very amusing, and it makes me feel somewhat medieval, as if next I will join the Guild of Those who Handcraft Armor). As part of that venture, I joined the study group working on samples for the Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving. (For you other overachievers, there is a COE for Handspinning and Dyeing. No Knitting, as far as I can tell.)

The primary motivation for our study group to finish our samples is the imminent approach of the next meeting. Last week, the three of us who attended all finished our samples about an hour before we got together. Well, it worked: guilt is a great motivator.

Right now, I'm clearly at the vitarka stage. I'm sampling toward sampling - trying to find the reference sources, try the technique, strive for something not completely ugly. That's why I was struck by Vila's blog. So beautiful.


Anonymous said…
It may not be a certificate of excellence, but I believe that the Knitting Guild of America has a master knitting program. I remember someone in the Windy City Knitting Guild going through the program. Of course, you have to join TKGA to go through the program.