I'm trying to heed the message that the universe is sending me: to let go.

My 8:30 am student didn't show for her appointment. While waiting for her, I started work on a sock. I leaned across the sofa to get something, put my hand down, and snapped the wooden needle off the cord. Then, I stopped at the knitting store specifically to use up the last $8 of my gift certificate. No gift certificate. I left the package of copies for my teacher at the knitting store. Luckily, I remembered when I was half a block away. I went back, which meant that when I was halfway to the yoga studio, it was too late to go back to the car for my yoga pants, which meant that I had to teach in my jeans.

I could go on and on. About my notebook from teacher training, which is missing. The car keys I could not find on Sunday, which were in the back seat of the other car. There is more, but right now, I can't recall the details.

Enough. I get it. Don't expect to hold onto things, especially the things that you really want at that moment. So the class I taught was all about exhaling, trying to find some release in a pose, spending Savasana with legs on a chair and arms wide open, to tell the system to just relax. This afternoon, I'm sitting and knitting, trying to finish my new pair of Fiddlehead mittens. Remember, I lost one of them a few weeks ago.


Meng Foong said…
Om Shanti. It's all about letting go, and we will be free.