Guild Day

Today was the monthly meeting of my weavers' guild. A good time was had by all.

We saw a beautiful Jaggerspun doubleweave scarf during show-and-tell. Yarn purchased as a bag o' fiber at a small shop, only to turn out to be silk and wool. Score!

Our study group presented our collective efforts toward figuring out the Handweavers' Guild of America Certificate of Excellence. Our leader made a great Power Point presentation, labeled with the weaving technique. This was very helpful both for the audience and us. The audience could see the little details in the small samples. And we could talk about the samples, the techniques, where we succeeded and where we struggled, with the illustration up in front of the whole group.

In my portion, I covered Sample #7 (hand-manipulated lace weaves) and Sample #10, various knots used in rug weaving. Still loving the Danish Bronze Age knot. Sehna, the knot used in Mongol saddle rugs, is a close second. It feels strange, yet enjoyable, to have a first and second favorite way to make knots. It's the little things, right?