Sheep do not come in Black, or do they?

Dear H:

According to my yarn shop and the yarn that I ordered for your mittens, sheep do not come in black.(That there is a fiber festival out west called Black Sheep seems to contradict this, but I have not looked into it further at this point.)

What I have observed is that what is called Ebony (color 8095) in Cascade Eco wool is more of a very dark brown. And what is called Black Welsh  (an actual brand of sheep, or is it breed?) by Rowan, a very traditional British yarn company, is also a very dark brown, but with more fibery, what looks like a sheep having brushed against a bramble bush, but softer, bits in it.

Please let me know if dark brown is okay with you. No problem if it is not - I want to knit mittens for you that will work. If not, the hunt will continue for a black sheep.

Also, on the reality show about bosses impersonating workers so that they can discover how heartfelt is the life of a lowly employee, they are focusing on Arlington Racetrack tonight. Thought you might want to watch, or catch it on the Web.



Kathryn said…
Maybe you should ask the bloggers, Sheepgal and Getting Stitched on the Farm. They both raise sheep, and some of the sheep seem to have black faces. But maybe they don't grow black wool.