Zephyr Scarf

What could go wrong did go wrong. And yet, as Bonnie Tarses notes, it is impossible to weave something ugly.

This is an 8" wide scarf of  Zephyr silk-wool, sett at 20 ends per inch and woven in a twill pattern. Slightly fulled by hand while wet finishing (translation: I soaked the scarf a while in tap water, then added hot water, more Dawn liquid, and smooshed the scarf back and forth for a few minutes before rinsing and laying flat to dry).

The errors included reversing the threading order of the twill, running out of weft yarn, trimming the ends shorter than intended. Still, it feels (and looks?) beautiful.


Donatella said…
Hi there! Just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello.
I love the colours of your scarf!