Transformers 3 in Chicago

Last night we took the train into Chicago to see the Grant Park Symphony at Millenium Park. On the way from Union Station to the park, we walked past an on-location scene on LasSalle Street for Transformers 3.

This picture doesn't show the panorama of burned-up cars, huge chunks of pavement uprooted and thrown about and onto the sidewalk, faux ash, crumpled newpapers swirling about. I didn't have my camera, and in any case, the young techie shooing everyone acorss the street kept intoning, "no pictures, no pictures, keep moving." As if.

The blocks around LaSalle had random movie-type stuff happening, like two guys in black tees labeled Security getting a snack, and a very long, Barbie-pink stretch Hummer limo parked nearby. Perhaps the actors, if there are actors in a movie about large toys destroying the city as we know it.

Here's another view, but it still doesn't convey the post-apocalyptic feel of seeing LaSalle Street after what looked like an end-of-time happening.

In between the rain pouring down at the beginning of the concert (I was touched by the number of older ladies donning those fifties, Saran-wrap kerchiefs to protect their hair, while the rest of them was drenched), we watched two helicopters wheeling across the sky, also part of the movie.

And today, while at the 31st Street beach, we periodically heard the booming of explosions. More Transformers 3, I suspect.