New Pets

Today we added several new pets to the household.
These are rosies, brought in to eat the swarm of mosquitos that are launching attacks from the tiny pond in the backyard. The hope is two-fold: that they stay small.

 And that they don't die. We started with a dozen for $1.29, and already, on the way home, the top of the bag somehow came untied, water spilled on the floor of the backseat, and I could not bear to look, out of fear that a tiny fish was flopping about. (Since we didn't double-count the fish at the store, we're going on the assumption that all are accounted for and still healthy.)

And another pet, more furry.
A very fine specimen.

In knitting news, I'm soaking the pieces of my Minimalist Cardigan toward blocking them tonight. And I'm working on a sample for the COE, which had me re-threading the loom and re-sleying the ends for Attempt #3. Then I realized, after re-threading and re-sleying, that the outside edges need another 1/2 inch or so of width so that the patterns square. Excellence is rapidly becoming another word for  Learning Through Do-over.