Supplies, Part 1

My desk by the looms.

 Necessary supplies: a notebook for keeping track of the project as I'm weaving. Stuff like what row to weave next (after I come back from letting the dog out, answering the phone, making a cup of tea, and my previous lifetime as a weaver, there often were spans of months, nay, even years, between making the notation - "next row - row 8" - and weaving said row.)

A binder, divided into sections that match up with each of the requirements for the COE. (The only organized thing on the desk, and I love it because it seems to know what it's doing).

A cloth tape measure. A stack of reference books. And a glass of Prosecco.

What are you doing this evening? I'm watching the finale of "The Bachelorette." Then, the special after the finale. Very good knitting television. Perhaps working toward the armholes in the back of my Minimalist Cardigan.