A One-Skein Scarf

Fall is here: I'm knitting with autumn oranges again. This happens every year, without my noticing.

And so enjoyable to be knitting lace again. No worries about fit or gauge. This is the Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark from WrapStyle. Such an easy pattern that you can memorize it and knit it while visiting someone in the hospital or driving from Chicago to Boston. (I've tested both).
Made from Isager Alpaca 2. One skein, on a size 2 needle. Next time, I'd go up a few sizes in needle size: the shawl is right for the recipient, who requested a scarf, but not a flowy and open as I'd like to see this pattern. And why not: you could get a beautiful shawl out of one skein of this alpaca-wool mix, and the feel and color are luscious.


joan said…
I love that orange!