I'm Tempted to Quote Monty Python, but Will Resist

I've been a slacker on the blog front lately.

At least I'm in good company. Seeing this post on my favorite blog, Mason-Dixon Knitting, reminded me that, oh, I have a blog too, and maybe I should update it.

So, what I have I been doing? Going into the city to see the Lurie Garden at Millenium Park. Here's the Frank Gehry bridge from the bandshell across to the lake. I love that the walkway is weathered wood - you feel Prairie and futuristic at the same time.

 The Agora scultpure by Magdalena Abakanowicz in Grant Park.

A massive foot from the sculpture. The scale of these figures is huge; each figure is nine feet tall.
My favorite Metra stop. No idea why there is a Parisian Art Deco station in the middle of Grant Park.
And here's a reason why I've been not-blogging. One could spend endless hours choosing photos, finding links, researching down the black hole of the Internet. (Because now I'm wondering: why does this Metra stop look like this? Chicago is a city of intentional architectural design; there must be a reason. Must resist urge to Google.) (And mini-whine: black hole is sometimes how I feel about blogging. Who out there is reading the ten million blogs now in existence?)

Back to the sum-up: I'm weaving. Finally starting to feel some progress on the tapestry samples for the Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence. (For potential candidates, please be aware that we posit this theory: Sample 1, which is tapestry interlock and meet-and-separate techniques used to demonstrate "control" of geometric shapes, may be an intentional effort to cull the flock. If you make it past Sample 1 to Sample 2, life and weaving and techniques will get much, much more enjoyable. And not as much like pulling teeth.)

And teaching yoga. I have a blog over on my yoga site, and have been trying to be a little more conscientious over there, which may be another reason why I'm slacking here.

And I'm working at a knitting shop. Very, very fun. Close enough to my house to bike there. Learning to sort yarn, receive shipment, and make detail-oriented coffees.

My knitting (yeah for Dancing with the Stars and The Apprentice and Netflix of the last season of The Gilmore Girls) has been all about Komi-pattern colorwork mittens, in bulky yarns like Cascade Eco and Cascade Pastaza. I don't have pictures of the pair that I just sent off to my daughter, but I'll try to post a picture of the current pair - brown and deep pink and pale pink - in the next week or so.