Komi Hat

A Komi hat in Cascade Pastaza (half wool, half llama) to match my mittens. I'm using a piece of the motif from Mitten 9 in Mostly Mittens.

I'm not sure about how it will fit. I played back and forth with the size and finally settled on a cast on of 82 stitches for the ribbing and no increase for the body of the hat. According to Ann Budd's specs in her first pattern book, that's the size of a child's hat, but it still looks plenty large to me. And I know that it will grow when I block it (my mittens are wanting a liner to take up the extra room at the tip, after blocking. And because it is very, very cold today in Chicago. And only December....)

But I love the color and the feel - warm, cushy, stranded colorwork.

And yes, I messed up on the jogless stripe thing. Still warm.