Crown Potteries 10 38

Good haul from the Salvation Army today. A Luray plate, a Fiestaware bowl, and a very odd china baby plate. Here's a full view of the plate:
Note the whimsical figures: the little girl dog riding her scooter. The mama dog pushing a pram. The boy dog holding his human doll. Wait, what was that last one?
A bespectacled terrier, in short pants and a gingham shirt, holding his doll: a long-legged, red-haired, top-hatted man. Who designed this image for children? What does it mean? I've tried some on-line Googling of the name of the pottery company and the numbers on the bottom of the plate:
 No luck, so far. If you know anything about this plate, the image, or the pottery, I'd love to hear about it. Very strange, and I could not leave it behind, though I'm not sure what I'll do wiuth a baby plate, let alone a baby plate with this Gulliver's Travels (remember when the giants make Gulliver into a play toy for their children?) kind of imagery. Or perhaps reminding me of the Night Gallery episode when the camera pans back to reveal that the people on the train, going through the same station over and over, are actually on a toy train being played with by a giant girl child? (Or was it The Twilight Zone? All I know is that looking for the episode link here was even more disturbing than not remembering.)

Anyway, back to pottery. For a total of $1.68, I purchased the plate, a small Lu-ray plate to add to my tiny collection, and a Fiestaware bowl. Not sure if this is vintage, as in old Fiestaware, or not, but I liked it. Especially for 45 cents.
 Here's the bottom of the bowl, in case anyone has some knowledge about this.
All in all, a successful trip to the Salvation Army.


CoP Health said…
Not old. Look for alot of wear on the raised bottom, which this one does not have. They have been making reproductions for some time now. I own one, like yours, to supplement the old stuff. Good find for the price. Marcia
Unknown said…
Hey, my dad had a child's plate just like the one you have. I can not find anything about it either. If you have any more luck with info. please share the info. Thank you. Cathy