The snow is now up to the base of the Weber grill in the backyard.
Using the dog as a measuring device: snow is now up to his belly.
Using the dormer windows in my daughter's bedroom, which face west, the snow is almost covering the windows. Coming down much harder now. It's 8:33 a.m. I'm trying to focus on finishing Vivian, which is in this state:
My other goals: bake bread; try to wrestle iTunes into letting me download a free book from; convince my lower back not to be aching; and shovel.

Last night, I brought in wood for a fire later today, and when I wandered into the living room around 9 o'clock, after putting some old movies into my Netflix Queue (Blithe Spirit!), discovered my husband watching what is the guy-version of Say Yes to the Dress: River Monsters. Hilarious. Over the top. And no writer's credit at the end, which is really interesting, given the pot-boiler, film-noir, edge of the apocalypse scripts.Someone's either very confident or very embarrassed.


hwbowen said…
WAIT. Do you have cable now? I spy with my little eye that Dad's show is not network tv...

- Your favorite daughter