Mitered Square Blanket Update

This is an old picture, but the camera is fishing in Canada with my husband.

I've made much progress on the blanket in the last week, after letting it hibernate for, oh, has it been a year? My goal is to use up all of the Tahki Cotton Classic that I currently own (with allowance to add a skein if I run out of a color that I need to finish off a square.) Once I've worked through the ten or so skeins that are left, I'll lay all of the squares out and see how much of my bed is covered.

This rule will produce some Ugly Squares. Right now, I'm working on an orange and dark red square, to work back to the orange and teal square that I knit last go-around with the blanket. I have no idea what I was thinking. But the thing is, even the Ugly Squares look good, once they are seamed together and the stripes make this geometric order amidst all of the crazy color. My favorites are still the purple/green squares, especially the ones with dark, royal purple and chartreuse.

It's nice to be knitting something where size and gauge are not such an issue. And these squares are my version of sock knitting: I can stuff an in-progress square into my purse for killing-time knitting. Or even better, work on seaming in between things, which gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes the finishing a bit more interesting.